Apple Media Products (AMP) first delighted users with downloadable music in April 2003 with the opening of the iTunes Store. Since then, AMP has delivered countless innovations around the digital delivery of audio and video, and in 2008 revolutionized smartphone app distribution with the launch of the App Store.
Being the source for so much digital content requires maintaining relationships with a vast number of providers, from record labels to movie studios to app developers. The Digital Supply Chain Engineering team (DSCE) is responsible for ensuring that new content is uploaded, processed, cataloged, and available on our storefronts when the provider expects it to be, and with the highest quality.
We are looking for an experienced software engineering lead to help design, build and maintain the platforms and frameworks used throughout AMPs production stack. If you love building software for other software engineers, and have a passion for things like API design, encapsulation, continuous incremental delivery, and performance, then this is the role for you!

Were a team of consummate tech geeks who love figuring out how things work and trying to make them better. Sometimes its a little tweak, sometimes its a fundamental shift – usually its somewhere in between. We brainstorm on virtual whiteboards, share ideas at Code & Caffeine, build stuff, check the metrics, and repeat.

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Job Overview
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